Embarking on a journey of change in your life can be a lonely experience.  It’s all about you (as it should be) which feels wrong in our society where we’re expected to constantly think of others so I use workshops to give people who are trying to affect change some company.  By starting off along this path to change together, you get the opportunity to feel supported, share ideas and receive essential validation that you’re doing the right thing.  The things you may want to change can be very personal so I don’t encourage anyone to share anything they don’t feel comfortable sharing and allow people to message me privately with anything they would like to tell me but not the rest of the group.

Collaborative Environment

What many attendees of my workshops find is they pick up good ideas from other people.  Even when people don’t particularly want to change the same things, some of the ideas they have for creating very small manageable habits are very useful.  It’s also helpful when people ask questions that others may be thinking but were not feeling confident enough to ask. 

I always try to explain things in various ways so people understand but it is beneficial when people ask for clarification or for me to expand on an idea so everyone can understand further. 

Working together in this way enables people to feel like they’re not alone on their change journey but are working collaboratively with me and the other attendees.


What to expect...

Before the workshops, I send the attendees a few simple questions to get them thinking.  One of the things I ask is the magic wand question – if they had a magic wand and could use it to change something about themselves instantly, what would they change? This gives them the focus to start the workshop with the big thing they really want to change in their minds.  What my workshops aim to do is to break that large daunting change down into tiny manageable habits to avoid the need for a huge sudden change which is inevitably going to end up reverting back to old ways. 

The session begins with an introduction about me and the method of change I use to help people achieve their aspirations.  We then talk about those aspirations, some people can share theirs if they like, and start to think about how we could break those larger aims down into really small daily, weekly or monthly habits.  As keeping motivated and remembering to do things can be a huge barrier to achieving change, I talk about how we need to get to the root of our reason for change to have this as a boost when motivation begins to flag and we share ideas of how we can attach our new habits to current positive habits to help us remember to do them.  I break the habits down into three categories of mind, body and heart to allow us to focus on these areas one at a time.

A vital part of my process is how to celebrate our successes as positivity and feeling good is a far more effective way of creating change than negativity and guilt.  I also include a brief meditation in these workshops to help nurture this relaxed positive feeling which is so important in achieving our aspirations.  After the workshop, participants can go on to use everything they have learnt to establish positive micro-practices in their lives which add up to significant change.  Some people feel they need more input and someone to be accountable to in undertaking this journey so may sign up for more workshops or my one to one coaching

How to buy back time

Upcoming workshops:

How to buy back time – Book Now

2nd April 2022: 2pm – 4pm

Location: the Float Spa

Investment £50 (early bird £35 before 20th March 2022)

Time is such a precious commodity. People long for an extra hour in the day or extra day of the week to get everything done.

How about we review our thinking of time, how can we become more efficient in our use of time.

In this workshop you will learn how to buy back time from activities that without knowing you are doing multiple times and in fact wasting time.

Plus learn how to avoid backlogs. Backlogs occur for 3 main reasons:

  • not doing things right away.
  • having things half done.
  • doing to often things others should be doing.

Not having backlogs is the best way to gain time & have no stress.

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