Embarking on a journey of change in your life can be a lonely experience.  It’s all about you (as it should be) which feels wrong in our society where we’re expected to constantly think of others so I use workshops to give people who are trying to affect change some company.  By starting off along this path to change together, you get the opportunity to feel supported, share ideas and receive essential validation that you’re doing the right thing.  The things you may want to change can be very personal so I don’t encourage anyone to share anything they don’t feel comfortable sharing and allow people to message me privately with anything they would like to tell me but not the rest of the group.

Camille Pierson Health Coach

Collaborative Environment

What many attendees of my workshops find is they pick up good ideas from other people.  Even when people don’t particularly want to change the same things, some of the ideas they have for creating very small manageable habits are very useful.  It’s also helpful when people ask questions that others may be thinking but were not feeling confident enough to ask. 

I always try to explain things in various ways so people understand but it is beneficial when people ask for clarification or for me to expand on an idea so everyone can understand further. 

Working together in this way enables people to feel like they’re not alone on their change journey but are working collaboratively with me and the other attendees.


What to expect...

Before our workshops, I send the attendees a few simple questions to get them thinking.  What my workshops aim to do is to break that large daunting change down into tiny manageable habits to avoid the need for a huge sudden change which is inevitably going to end up reverting back to old ways. 

Upcoming Workshops

Camille Pierson

Tiny to Transformative

Do you want lasting change? This workshop is designed to help you understand how focusing on the tiny leads to full life transformation.

Camille Pierson

Benefits of sleep

Are you getting enough sleep? Sleep is your superpower – it is during sleep that we as humans become stronger, healthier and smarter.

Camille Pierson

Preventing Burnout Workshop

Have you ever felt burnout at work? Burnout is a reaction to prolonged or chronic job stress. Learn how to recognise the signs and create the strategies to reduce your risk.

Camille Pierson Health Coach

Nutrition at Work

Have you ever wondered about the 2pm energy crash?This workshop is designed to give employees a basic understanding of food and how nutrition can directly impact them both positively and negatively.

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