Hormone Testing

Hormones are a minefield, as women we just seem to settle in to the fact that periods will be painful and heavy. We just expect this outcome and then we don’t seem to talk with others about this. As a child I had to take so much time away from school and was back and forth to the doctors until I was prescribed the Oral Contraceptive Pill (OCP) at 15. As an ill informed child I just accepted this approach. It was only after the birth of my children that I started to question what long term OCP use was doing to my body. Luckily after many years in the health and wellness industry and training with CNM and Future Woman – I can now confidently offer support for women of all ages.  

I have partnered with Future Women to be able to offer hormone testing made by women for women. Booking through myself allows you to receive a discount on the test kits.

It is shocking that most female hormone therapy was tested on male (yes male) rats.

If you are looking to understand your hormone health and be supported on your journey. Then book in a discovery call and let’s work together.

Hormone dysfunction symptoms

Do you suffer with?

  • Irregular cycles,
  • painful heavy periods
  • PMS
  • cramping 
  • mood swings
  • tender breasts
  • acne 
  • migraines


  • trouble with fertility,
  • cyclical migraines,
  • PMDD,
  • fatigue 
  • stress
  • unexplained weight gain
  • PCOS
  • Peri menopause 
  • menopause 

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