My one to one coaching programmes are usually either six or twelve week programmes depending on your needs.  If you need more or fewer sessions, I can accommodate that and discuss it before you begin or as you go along.  These programmes are tailored to you so I am happy to make changes as required.



Ultimate Wellbeing Programme – how to change your life

Duration 6 – 12 weeks.

1 x 2 hour case taking session

6 x one-on-one coaching sessions – either in-person or via zoom

Fitness programme creation

Kitchen training session

Description: If you’re ready to take control of your health and feel AMAZING from your newfound knowledge & action, then this plan is for you. With 6 weeks of face-to-face consultations and additional training in the kitchen and in the gym, you’ll learn how to nourish and move your body today and for a lifetime! I will help you find that deep connection to yourself, giving you a feeling of empowerment and balance everyday. This plan is everything you have been looking for to Master Your Wellness and live the life you’ve always wanted with optimal health.

Investment: £750 ­- payable in instalments if required.

Goal Setting Session

Duration 3 hours

1 x 3 hour intensive session

Description: When people talk about goals, ideas and resolutions often they get caught up in the destination mindset. Where do I want to be! Very rarely do we take a step back and work out ‘how will I get there’ and ‘why is this important to me’ – working out the how and why creates a very clear plan.

In this intensive one off session, together we do just that. 

No previous sessions are required.

Investment: £200

Welcome to wellness Package

Duration 4 weeks

  • 1 x 2 hour case taking session
  • 4 x group webinar sessions lasting 90 minutes each.

Description: This plan has been specifically designed to help you to tune in, listen & decipher the daily signs and symptoms your body is giving you.

  • We will cover sleep hygiene,
  • how stress impacts our body,
  • how to banish sugar cravings,
  • how to improve your digestive health,
  • the importance of great morning and evening routines, and so much more…

Investment: £300 – payable in instalments if required.

Understanding Health & Wellness Package

Duration 6 weeks

  • 1 x 2 hour case taking session
  • 4 x one-on-one coaching sessions – either in-person or via zoom

Description: This plan takes all the knowledge of the welcome to wellness programme and adds in the abundance of nutrients and fitness.

Along with the 4 scheduled one-on-one coaching sessions covering a range of techniques which are designed bespoke to you.

You will also receive the weekly meal plans and fitness programmes to help you achieve your long terms goals

Investment: £499 – payable in instalments if required.

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