How to create the best Virtual Yoga class for your yoga students.

Zoom Yoga Class

The past few months have been a whirlwind, and it’s truly magical to see the yoga community adapt and deliver yoga classes into people’s homes when they need it most. But if you are a Yoga Teacher delivering the classes, technical issues can cause challenges in this unknown territory.  It’s so important to have a strong internet connection, there is nothing worse for the student to have stoppages, poor connection notifications and possibly drop outs completely.

So here are my top tips to ensure your class runs smoothly via whichever platform you choose:

WIFI or Ethernet connection:

You can run a broadband check for free and use website’s such as It’s so important to ensure a strong connection. If you can use an ethernet cable this is a much stronger connection, they can be purchased online and are relatively low cost, if you are using a Mac you could also invest in an ethernet connector as newer models do not have the ethernet plug option.

Turn off other devices around your home:

If you are using WIFI – turn off other devices you may be surprised how many devices are connected, that printer that is left on and hasn’t been used in months, a tablet knocking around or an Amazon Echo – all these devices affect performance – consider switching off as many devices as possible during your classes, if you have children maybe consider asking them to turn off their devices during your class.

Turn Off & On Trick:

Yes this so works! Whether you choose to use a phone, tablet, laptop or computer if you turn your device off before you are due to start your class and switch it back on again enhances the device performance. You can also restart your router every now and again, if you are continually experiencing on-going issues, but approach your broadband provider first.

Location Services:

A lot of devices have automatic location services installed, this is constant work in the background, consider switching this off, even just for the class duration. It means the device is only working on the Online Class and not sending information on where the device is located.


Constant notifications can be very disruptive – turn the notifications off, not only does this improve your device performance it’s reduces distractions during your class.

Zoom App:

The zoom app works much more efficiently than using the web links, if you choose to use the website link – consider clearing your browser history and shutting down all other tabs prior to class as this improves the performance.

Do Not Disturb:

If you are using a tablet or smartphone use the option ‘do not disturb’ on your phone, so calls and messages do not affect the streaming.

Most students are considerate and appreciative of the hard work yoga teachers are doing to ensure a continual practice, but it’s worth considering taking a few extra simple steps if you can. 

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